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                                            can benefit everyone. It is the art and science of helping you get more of what you want out of life. Like a good tennis coach, I can help you correct bad habits, learn new skills, develop goals and show you some of the tricks that make getting there easier and more fun. Some goals that you might choose include:


  Resolving Stuck Emotional Patterns
  Communication and Assertiveness Skills
  Emotional Balance and Healing
  Developing Creativity and Personal Growth
  Understanding Yourself and Others
  Getting the Most Out of Life


Business Consulting

Most businesses get stuck or fail because of a missing piece in their business plan or weak execution.  I can save you time,money and misery by putting you on the right track and helping you stay there.  I have special skills in business plan analysis,web strategy and utilization ,and branding.

Somatic Therapy

                                                                          uses breath, movement and gentle hands on work to restore your natural health and vitality.  I will help you release stuck neuromuscular patterns,reduce discomfort and lower your stress levels.

    Gait/Posture/Use Evaluation

    Movement Reeducation

    Self Care

 Somatic Therapy can be an excellent alternative or supplement to massage therapy, chiropractic, pain medication or surgery. Somatic Therapy is frequently helpful for:

  Stress, Fatigue, or Low Energy
  Avoiding or Recovering from Surgery
  Trauma or Chronic Pain Reduction
  Postural Improvement

Notice: I do not provide any licensed healthcare services. Please see your physician or other licensed professional for diagnosis and treatment. 

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